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Hear what the GoGedders have to say about the industry.

The GoGedders Get Bashy

Katy Martin

September 19, 2017

Over the course of last weekend, GoGeddit officially participated as a vendor in our first community event! Bay View Bash 2017 was a no-brainer as our pioneer venture into the streets. Not very far into the streets, seeing as our booth was directly in front of our office. Baby steps, baby steps… A quick head… Read more »

Audience Turned Author: User-Generated Content

Hanah Christiansen

August 14, 2017

Say hello to your new best friend in the digital realm of marketing: user-generated content (UGC). “What exactly is UGC,” you ask? Let me explain. To put it simply, UGC is a social media gold mine. It’s a method of sharing your brand’s story through your customers’ eyes in a raw and compelling way. It’s… Read more »

Think Small to Win Big: How Mobile is Dominating the Marketing Ecosystem

Ceara Milligan

July 14, 2017

Fun fact #1: The average American adult spends a total of 2 hours and 51 minutes on their smartphone every day. Let’s do the math (I’m guessing you’ll use your phone’s Calculator app instead the TI-89 you used in high school algebra). That’s about 86 hours a month spent staring at tiny glowing screens. We… Read more »