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Christin Ladky & Tara Laatsch

Richie sits down with Christin Ladky & Tara Laatsch of CityTins. Tune in to hear how they transformed CityTins from a simple idea into a growing business.

These are the Gogedders.

They are the local Milwaukee leaders who are taking big risks to grow our economy and improve our community. The GoGedders will introduce you to emerging entrepreneurs, established business figures, and civic trailblazers who open up about their path to success and why it’s important for more people to create, make, and innovate.

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Christin Ladky & Tara Laatsch

Richie sits down with Christin Ladky & Tara Laatsch of CityTins. Tune in to hear how they transformed CityTins from a simple idea into a growing business.


Matt Cordio, Jackie Steinmetz, & Ed Javier

Richie sits down with Matt Cordio, Jackie Steinmetz, & Ed Javier. Tune in to learn about Milwaukee Startup Week.


Mary Burke

Richie sits down with Mary Burke, CEO & Founder of Building Brave. Tune in to hear how Mary's unlikely campaign for governor motivated her to create a community to connect, inspire, and empower women.


Tasha Rae

Richie sits down with Tasha Rae of Tasha Rae Jewelry. Tune in to hear how Tasha is getting her business off the ground!


Sarah Addeo

Grab a Gatorade and an energy bar to snack on, and get ready to hear all about how Sarah Addeo started Milwaukee fitness center, AddeoFit!


Maurice Thomas

Richie sits down with Founder & Executive Director of Milwaukee Excellence, Maurice Thomas. Tune in to hear how Maurice is helping to better our education system and prepare students for success.


Mike Jurken

For episode 31 Richie sat down with Mike Jurken, founder of Midwestern-based sound, video, and lighting production company, Majic Productions. We spent the afternoon touring Majic's unique creative space, and hanging out with the office mascot, Winston! Tune in to learn about where all of the "majic" happens!


Henry Schwartz

Entrepreneur and Craft Beer Connoisseur, Henry Schwartz, sat down with us at MobCraft Beer to record Ep. 30 of the GoGedders Podcast. Henry tells us how he acquired a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to appear on ABC's Shark Tank, and went on to make MobCraft a Milwaukee staple in the craft beer industry.


Andy Gronik

Milwaukee businessman and entrepreneur Andy Gronik launched his run for governor last month, casting himself as a private sector alternative to GOP Gov. Scott Walker. Gronik sat down with Richie at the GG-HQ to record ep. 29 of the GoGedders Podcast, and answer some hard-hitting questions about his candidacy.


Ray Nitti

International recording artist Rayhainio “Ray Nitti” Boynes sat down with us at the Milwaukee Summerfest grounds to record ep. 28 of the GoGedders Podcast. Off the success of his first single, “Bow,” Nitti was also able to tour many cities in the U.S. Nitti is currently using his voice and platform to come up with creative art solutions to address issues affecting the world.


Married in Milwaukee

Brew City brides-to-be have likely sought advice for their big day from the blog Married in Milwaukee. Founders Angela and Greg Quigley sat down with us in the beautiful Villa Filomena mansion to share their story of changing the wedding game in our beloved city. Upon launching their celebrated website in 2008, they were both working full-time jobs. Fast-forward four years, the company relaunched in 2012, and they were committed to being full-time writers, marketers and savvy business owners.


Derek Collins

Co-founder of the Milwaukee Pedal Tavern, Derek Collins, invited us out for an exclusive ride on his latest endeavor, the Milwaukee Paddle Tavern. We chatted with Derek about how he went from a being a third party broker to starting his own business which has now evolved to land and water tours.


Jeff Sherman

OnMilwaukee Founder Jeff Sherman comes on the show to talk about how OnMKE started as an idea on a napkin and how it has evolved and grown into a media company over the years, as well as his views on our great city!


Derek Deprey

Leadership speaker & author and GM of the WAC, Derek Deprey talks how he went from being afraid to speak in public and how a big crash drove him to be a national speaker, author & leadership expert.


Sophia Minneart

Fox Sports Wisconsin sideline reporter Sophia Minneart got her first big break at Brewers Opening Day in 2013, tune in to this weeks episode to find out how she got there and learn more about her background, her job at FSWI, her views on the city of Milwaukee and more!


Pardeep Singh Kaleka

Founder of Serve to Unite & Sikh Temple President Pardeep Singh Kaleka joins the podcast. He talks about how Serve to Unite was formed in the aftermath of the 2012 Sikh Temple Shooting, his upbringing as an immigrant in Milwaukee and what we can do to make the city and the world a better place.


Elmer Moore

Director of Scale Up Milwaukee Elmer Moore stops by the podcast. He shares stories about his upbringing, experiencing 9/11, Scale Up Milwaukee and more!


Mike Drescher

Okanjo & Vibrant Body Company founder, media entrepreneur Mike Drescher joins us on the podcast. We discuss how he got his start, how he scaled and sold his first company, his acting career, new ventures and more!


Ken Leinbach

Urban Ecology Center Executive Director, Ken Leinbach, discusses the journey of taking the UEC from a small trailer on Milwaukee’s East Side to an internationally recognized organization with multiple centers.


Mike Lee

Global basketball skills & mindfullness trainer and founder of Thrive 3 (formerly Mike Lee Basketball) joins the podcast. We talk about how he started his business by putting on basketball camps for youth in small towns in Wisconsin to going on to working with NBA players and other athletes all around the globe.


Crystal Schreiner

Forbes endorsed Instagram Queen & accomplished creative Crystal Schreiner stops by the podcast! We talk the early days of GoGeddit and her experiences at NYFW, shooting music videos in LA, how to find your creative peak and more!


Christian Vega

Screaming Tuna Owner Cristian Vega stops by the podcast to talk about the roller coaster to get Screaming Tuna off the ground, his blowing up DJ career, his mustache and the booming neighborhood of Walkers Point.


DJ Hines

Founder of SHINE Management and COO of Christian Faith Fellowship Church, DJ Hines, stops by the podcast. DJ has worked with athletes ranging from Charles Woodson to Michael Redd and has managed artists including rapper Mase. He has also helped build Christian Faith Fellowship Church into a congregation of over 6,000 members.


Nate Harris

Founder of Ease, Nate Harris, stops by the podcast. We learn about how he went from being homeless at times growing up to becoming a successful entrepreneur. We talk about his new start up, Ease, the importance of collaboration & community, the city of Milwaukee and more.


Chris Stegman

Chris Stegman joins us to discuss his transition to becoming President of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the future of tangible media in a digital world and how JS plans to stay competitive, and his views on the city of Milwaukee.


Tim Cigelske

Marquette Social Media Director and esteemed Beer Runner, Tim Cigelske comes on the show to talk all things beer running and social media.


Brandon Tschacher & Ximena Restrepo

Milwaukee Echelon, a young professional chapter of the Salvation Army is making a big impact in the Milwaukee community through events like: Slide the City, Dinner in the Alley, Bell Ringing and more. Two of their members, Brandon and Ximena stop by the show.


Dan Gramman

As a leading business consultant, Dan Gramman talks about small business growth strategies and entrepreneurship, and overcoming obstacles and the burnout of running a startup company.


Cheyn Crangle

Former top Marine recruiter of the year in Wisconsin and National Top Business Builder for, Cheyn Crangle stops by the show. We talk Marines, adjusting to the business world, sales, travel, what success really looks like and more.


Will Komassa

Blizzard CEO Will Komassa stops by the podcast to discuss how he’s taken Blizzard Lighting from his basement to a near $10M company since it was founded in 2010.


Andy Nunemaker

Dynamis CEO Andy Nunemaker stops by the show today. Andy holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and is the former CEO of GE Australia, New Zealand & Southeast Asia. He was the CEO of EMS Systems before a successful exit, and most recently founded Dynamis in 2014. He is very active in the community, helping out on the entrepreneurial scene and as well as serving as the Chairman of the Milwaukee Symphony.


Matt Cordio

Start-up Milwaukee founder, Matt Cordio, stops by the HQ to talk about Milwaukee’s first ever “Start-up Week” kicking off November 1st.


Adam Von Rothfelder

NBC reality star, fitness trainer & entrepreneur Adam Von Rothfelder comes on the show. We learn about his story, how death affects life, what elite performers have in common, fitness advice and how to kiss and get punched in the face by Gigi Hadid.


Lizzi Weasler

Entrepreneur Lizzi Weasler, owner of Lizzibeth, joins the GoGedders to discuss starting a business in Milwaukee and how she won locally using social media, influencer and event marketing.


Kyle Willkom

Author, speaker and leadership trainer Kyle Willkom joins the GoGedders for a discussion on leadership, public speaking, staying motivated, mental health and more! Spoiler Alert: He even brought his guitar for a sneak peek at his upcoming album.


Alex Lasry & Dustin Godsey

With the season kicking off this week we went over to the Bucks HQ to check in with Senior VP Alex Lasry and CMO Dustin Godsey. We get the low-down on the upcoming season, the advantages of being in a small market, the new arena and more!


Ian Abston & Rayna Andrews

Milwaukee’s Ian Abston and Rayna Andrews join the GoGedders for a discussion on millennials in the workplace, marketing to millennials, the effect of social media on millennials and more!