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Adam Von Rothfelder

About Adam Von Rothfelder

NBC reality star, fitness trainer & entrepreneur Adam Von Rothfelder comes on the show. We learn about his story, how death affects life, what elite performers have in common, fitness advice and how to kiss and get punched in the face by Gigi Hadid.

Topics Covered
  • His fascinating journey from MMA fighter, to actor, to doorman, to entrepreneur, to model & reality TV star of NBC’s “STRONG”
  • The effect dealing with the death of two close family members has had on his life and career
  • Fitness advice: where most people go wrong and what is actually important.
  • How do celebrities and elite performers stay motivated and at the top of their fields year after year
  • Thrill & biggest surprises of being on NBC and part of New York Fashion Week

Von Rothfelder immersed himself into the world of amateur and professional fighting and kickboxing at 22 years old when he began fighting and participating in kickboxing matches throughout Wisconsin. From that point on, he was hooked. In 2006, he won the “Milwaukee Rumble,” an amateur kickboxing competition, and in 2007, he took second place in the Natural Bodybuilding Midwest competition. In 2008, he took second in the Midwest N.A.G.A Championship, which prompted him to enter the world of mixed martial arts.

Von Rothfelder moved to California in 2009 to pursue his professional career further. He trained with the Body Shop and Antonio McKee in Long Beach, CA, as well as, with the NFL Combine Training Team. During this time, he was also a trainer at one of Los Angeles’s premier celebrity gyms working with high-profile clients. Unfortunately, due to injuries, Rothfelder had to leave his professional fighting career behind.

Von Rothfelder’s aspirations turned to personal training and modeling. In 2011, he opened “Drench Fitness”, a boutique gym, focused around personal training with an emphasis on efficiency and intensity. In 2012, he signed with “Chosen Models” and soon landed his first modeling gig as the body of “Ab Rocket Twister” exercise machine and “Baskit” underwear. He’s also been photographed by renown photographers Tony Duran, Thomas Synnamon, Karl Simone, Andrew Weir, and Rick Day.

Most recently he is the founder of COMO a movement gym located in Milwaukee, WI, he starred on NBC’s reality show STRONG and just wrapped up a Versace campaign, modeling alongside GiGi Hadid.