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Brandon Tschacher & Ximena Restrepo

About Brandon Tschacher & Ximena Restrepo

Milwaukee Echelon, a young professional chapter of the Salvation Army is making a big impact in the Milwaukee community through events like: Slide the City, Dinner in the Alley, Bell Ringing and more. Two of their members, Brandon and Ximena stop by the show.

Topics Covered
  • How Echelon come together
  • What made Brandon and Ximena join Echelon
  • What makes echelon different from other non-profits?
  • Echelon’s mission
  • Echelon’s unique Membership Model
  • How the organization has made a large splash in a short amount of time
  • Future Plans
  • What other non-profits and community organizations can learn from Milwaukee Echelon
  • What Milwaukee can do better as a city to attract millennials
  • Questions from the fans

Brandon Tschacher is one of founding members of Echelon Milwaukee and also serves on the Advisory Board for the Salvation Army of Milwaukee County. His volunteer efforts included his time spent with the Salvation Army, as well as past involvement in Historic Milwaukee, Inc. and Journal Futures, an emerging professional organization he founded during his time with the Journal Sentinel. Professionally, he is the co-founder of MyCombine, a sports marketing start-up based out of Milwaukee, WI and also provides consumer marketing for Alegeus, a Boston based healthcare technology organization.

Ximena Restrepo is a member of the Echelon Milwaukee and a member of one of the Salvation Army Advisory Councils (Cold Springs location). She is also one of the United Way Loaned Executives of Dane County (class 2014) and continues to volunteer in the organization in the Milwaukee County from time to time. Professionally, she is a healthcare professional in the regulatory and policy aspects working for a medical society for Allergists, a certified Mediator trained at the Winnebago Conflict Resolution Center, Inc., and an emerging independent artist specialized in acrylic custom paintings. Ximena is currently pursuing a second Master’s Degree in Health Law at Loyola University Chicago; graduation expected in 2018.