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Cheyn Crangle

About Cheyn Crangle

Former top Marine recruiter of the year in Wisconsin and National Top Business Builder for, Cheyn Crangle stops by the show. We talk Marines, adjusting to the business world, sales, travel, what success really looks like and more.

Topics Covered
  • Applying his Marines experience to business
  • How to succeed at sales
  • Why you should travel
  • What defines success
  • Why are millennials pushing everything back

Born and raised in Wisconsin. I decided to enlist in the United States Marine Corps in 2003. I served my first four years in the Marine Corps Infantry as a Rifleman and reenlisted for additional four years to take on the daunting task of becoming a Marine Corps Recruiter.

In 2009 I was awarded Wisconsin’s Marine Corps Recruiter of the Year. It was at this point I realized my ambition for recruiting and more importantly business sales. I was introduced to network marketing in 2009 and began the greatest journey of my life.

Now, after completing almost eight years of service in the Marines, I am completely retired at the age of 25. Not because of the Marine Corps but because of my Market America business. I travel, speak, train and coach other network marketers and internet entrepreneurs. I take great pride in our industry and bring eight years of Marine Corps leadership, four years demanding recruiting and three years of successful network marketing to the table.

I was also awarded Market America’s Northern Region Recruiter of the Year for 2012. Again, bringing great pride and knowledge to that cornerstone of our industry.

I am an ever learning student of our profession and hope my insight helps your reach your goals, whatever they may be. Stay hungry, stay passionate and above all else — Pursue your dreams. I promise, it’s later than you think…

Source: Meet On