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Christian Vega

About Christian Vega

Screaming Tuna Owner Cristian Vega stops by the podcast to talk about the roller coaster to get Screaming Tuna off the ground, his blowing up DJ career, his mustache and the booming neighborhood of Walkers Point.

Topics Covered
  • Vega’s back story
  • Going from getting kicked out of college to getting Screaming Tuna off the ground
  • How he’s built a great culture at Screaming Tuna
  • The growth of Walkers Point
  • Being the hottest up & coming DJ in the greater Milwaukee area
  • Issues facing the city of Milwaukee
  • Questions from the fans

Co-owner of Screaming Tuna Sushi, newly elected Board Member of the Walker’s Point Association. A product of his contrasting upbringing, that took him from the inner-city of Chicago to one of the more affluent suburbs in the midwest. Following a lengthy yet incomplete college try at the University of Missouri, fate & circumstance would find him in Milwaukee in 2010, where he has slowly but surely been trying to make his mark.