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Christin Ladky & Tara Laatsch

About Christin Ladky & Tara Laatsch

Richie sits down with Christin Ladky & Tara Laatsch of CityTins. Tune in to hear how they transformed CityTins from a simple idea into a growing business.

Topics Covered
  • CityTins Backstory
  • Challenges Faced
  • Accomplishments

When Tara Laatsch and Christin Cilento Ladky met on the playground at their daughters’ elementary school, they had no idea the casual meet would lead to founding a company together. Tara was gearing up for a full-time return to corporate life, while Christin had a marketing company marketing communication and brand strategy to Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits.

Now eight years strong, their brainchild, CityTins, has proven itself a cult foodie favorite in Milwaukee, expanding to Madison in 2012 and debuting in the Fox River Valley for 2017. The Business Insider named CityTins one of the Coolest New Businesses in 2015.

The idea for CityTins is rooted in community, originating as an alternative to played-out school fundraising initiatives. Every CityTins limited edition tin offers a $200 or more value for just $30. Every “coaster gift card” in the clever little tin features a different locally-owned and operated restaurants. As a bonus, Tara and Christin were able to abandon the corporate life and not only support local entrepreneurs and mom-and-pop venues, but they have donated nearly $300,000 to date via fundraisers and in-kind donations to schools and nonprofits throughout Wisconsin.