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DJ Hines

About DJ Hines

Founder of SHINE Management and COO of Christian Faith Fellowship Church, DJ Hines, stops by the podcast. DJ has worked with athletes ranging from Charles Woodson to Michael Redd and has managed artists including rapper Mase. He has also helped build Christian Faith Fellowship Church into a congregation of over 6,000 members.

Topics Covered
  • DJ’s backstory
  • Two lessons learned from spending time with top performers including Kanye West
  • Most proud career accomplishment (it’s not what you think)
  • Advice to young entrepreneurs
  • Segregation in Milwaukee
  • What he’s most excited about in Milwaukee right now
  • Questions from the fans

Ministry, Music and Marketing are the driving force that keeps Darrell Hines II vision focused. But it hasn’t always been that way. Good grades and a passion for medicine suggested that Darrell was well on his way to becoming Dr. Hines.

A native Milwaukeean and graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Darrell holds a bachelors in Psychology and Pre-Medicine. Although Darrell possessed all the qualities and grades of a potential physician, post graduation found Darrell pursuing another passion; marketing and media.

Darrell’s first exposure to the industry began when he was hired to manage the Marketing and Media Department at Christian Faith Fellowship Church in Milwaukee, WI. He was responsible for putting together copy, organizing marketing campaigns, and producing copy for TV ads, billboards, internet and radio spots.

Darrell was also instrumental in producing nationally televised programs for Christian Faith Fellowship Church, including programming hosted by his father, for Praise the Lord for Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), and The Word Network.

Capitalizing on his marketing ability Darrell founded his own Interactive Design and Marketing firm: Creative Spurts. Clientele such as Johnson and Bryce, Comer Holdings, Generation Growth Capital, NBA star Michael Redd, and Choice Construction are among a host private and public businesses and affiliations Creative Spurts has worked with.
Darrell was recently appointed as Chief Operating Officer of Christian Faith Fellowship Church where his responsibilities encompasses overseeing the day to day operations of church administration, ensuring that ministry is run effectively, and making certain that social, technological, and political aspects of ministry are current.

Numerous boards throughout greater Milwaukee have yielded a seat to Darrell’s ingenuity and creativity. Among them are; Destiny Credit Union, African World Enterprises, LeRoy Butler Breast Cancer Foundation, Gadzurich Foundation, and The American Cancer Society State leadership board.

Darrell also serves as Young Adult Pastor within Christian faith fellowship Church. He is a dedicated husband to his wife Nina, and a loving father to their son, Darrell Hines III, aka Tres’ and daughter Chloe.