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Ken Leinbach

About Ken Leinbach

Urban Ecology Center Executive Director, Ken Leinbach, discusses the journey of taking the UEC from a small trailer on Milwaukee’s East Side to an internationally recognized organization with multiple centers.

Topics Covered
  • Ken’s backstory
  • How he got involved at the UEC
  • The importance of brining nature to cities
  • How the UEC went from a small trailer to an internationally recognized organization with 3 centers in Milwaukee.
  • Future plans of the UEC
  • Importance of having the right people in your organization and what that does to leadership + Advice to anyone looking to start a non-profit

Ken is a nationally recognized educator and leader in community-based environmental education. He currently serves as the Executive Director of the Urban Ecology Center. With his contagious energy, Ken speaks on a number of topics including: urban education, community organizing, environmental issues, finding abundance, the power of story, sustainable design, the need for “near-by” nature, leadership, fundraising, and green living. Ken holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Antioch College in Ohio, a Masters degree in Environmental Education from Prescott College in Arizona and received an honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from the Milwaukee Instituted of Art and Design.