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Matt Cordio

About Matt Cordio

Start-up Milwaukee founder, Matt Cordio, stops by the HQ to talk about Milwaukee’s first ever “Start-up Week” kicking off November 1st.

Topics Covered
  • The evolution of Start-Up Milwaukee
  • Why this is the ideal time to launch Start-up week
  • What Cordio is most looking forward to on this venture
  • Why Cordio’s company “Skills Pipeline” is paying for other mid-west talent to come experience Milwaukee Start-up Week
  • Why Wisconsin ranks last for Start-ups 2 years running
  • With a history of lack of funding, how we can help support the Start-up community
  • How Cordio received the nickname “Da Banka”
  • The effect the Qualified New Business Venture tax credit has had on the Start-up community

Matt Cordio is founder of Skills Pipeline, Startup Milwaukee and The Commons. Skills Pipeline is an IT talent acquisition and recruitment company. Startup Milwaukee provides entrepreneurs in Southeast Wisconsin access to critical resources as they launch and scale their ventures. The Commons is an accelerated skills development program training the next generation of entrepreneurs and corporate innovators in Southeast Wisconsin. In his free time you can find Cordio on a lake in Northern Wisconsin or reading about the next big trends in management and technology.