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Mike Drescher

About Mike Drescher

Okanjo & Vibrant Body Company founder, media entrepreneur Mike Drescher joins us on the podcast. We discuss how he got his start, how he scaled and sold his first company, his acting career, new ventures and more!

Topics Covered
  • How Dresch got his start (He had a stint managing the Cheers bar in Boston)
  • What it’s like to scale and sell a company
  • His spiritual play “18 Arrests 0 Convictions”
  • The mission behind his new company, Vibrant Body Company
  • How he started Okanjo
  • After starting and selling several businesses what he is most proud of
  • How to properly take tequila shots
  • And more various life lessons

Michael D. Drescher is a entrepreneur and media professional with a passion for socially conscious community, the arts and Milwaukee.

Co founder of Milwaukee based JDTV, a multimedia and production company, with his brother Jim in 1981 to distribute television listings to cable customers. By the time they sold the business in 1999 to Tribune Media Services, JDTV had built up the world’s largest database of interactive TV and movie descriptions in 11 languages. Clients included most major cable and broadcast companies like Dish, Time Warner, MTV, Viacom and more.

His current organization, Drescher Holdings, Inc., is involved in a wide range of businesses including real estate, hospitality, Internet, theatre, film and breast health.

Drescher is co founder and Board chair of Milwaukee based Okanjo, is changing the way that brands connect with their customers.

Also Milwaukee based Vibrant LLC is Drescher’s investment focused on social impact that he has been funding dramatic research on breast health for the past 11 years. This has led them, to create a new line of products that focuses on female health. Vibrant Body Company, is a new line of underwire-free bras that engage the body rather than restrict and always completely non toxic.

A fervent supporter of the arts, Drescher has also been an investor and producer of many theatrical productions in New York and Los Angeles. His shows have garnered prestigious awards such as a Tony and an NAACP Spirit Award. He wrote and performed a successful one-man show in Los Angeles in 2005, “18 Arrests, No Convictions” View Trailer.

He currently serves on the Board of Directors for MiKE, Okanjo, Vibrant Body Company , Commission House and International Film Finance, and The Culture Project in NYC.

Drescher attended Boston College and splits his time between Malibu, and Milwaukee.