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Mike Jurken

About Mike Jurken

For episode 31 Richie sat down with Mike Jurken, founder of Midwestern-based sound, video, and lighting production company, Majic Productions. We spent the afternoon touring Majic's unique creative space, and hanging out with the office mascot, Winston! Tune in to learn about where all of the "majic" happens!

Topics Covered
  • Mike's backstory
  • How he started Majic Productions
  • What he's most proud of

Hailing from Brookfield, Michael started Majic at the age of twelve (did you know Majic stands for “Michael A Jurken Is Cool”?). He received a scholarship to the University of Miami for musical theater (he has been known to belt out anything from television jingles to rock operas to Disney classics throughout the day and enjoys testing the acoustics in the bathrooms at Majic), and then transferred to UW-Madison to continue to build the company. He now travels the country and world with Majic, managing new projects, seeking cutting edge technologies and expanding the business. In his free time Mike enjoys boating, trying new restaurants and visiting the sunshine state of Florida.