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Nate Harris

About Nate Harris

Founder of Ease, Nate Harris, stops by the podcast. We learn about how he went from being homeless at times growing up to becoming a successful entrepreneur. We talk about his new start up, Ease, the importance of collaboration & community, the city of Milwaukee and more.

Topics Covered
  • Nate’s Backstory: Going from being homeless at times growing up to becoming a successful entrepreneur
  • Why He Decided to start Ease
  • What is Ease?
  • Keys to making Ugly’s successful
  • What the Milwaukee start-up community can learn from the Phoenix start-up community
  • Importance of volunteering and giving back in the community
  • The biggest issues Nate feels Milwaukee faces as a city
  • Most exciting things about being in Milwaukee right now

Marketing strategy and business management consultant with over half a decade of experience working with small to middle market sized companies within an array of industries. A trainer, executive coach, writer and motivational speaker. Nathan Harris is known for integrating theory, expertise and real world business practices into his clients organizations. Nathan’s approach is collaborative and results oriented earning him the status of trusted counsel with a multitude of organizations.

Nathan is recognized in the areas of Talent Management, Succession Planning, Strategic Initiatives, Leadership & Influence, Organizational Communications, Interpersonal Communications, Sales, Team Performance & Alignment, Marketing Management Consulting, Digital Marketing, Demand Generation, Product and Brand Management, Business Development, Start-ups.

Analyzing brand portfolios and developing innovative, easy to implement strategies to differentiate product offerings in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Nathan is also a Managing Partner of Ugly’s Bar & Grill. holding a strong presence within the restaurant industry to create meeting places for entrepreneurs. Partnering with organization such as Startup Milwaukee, Ward4 and many others.