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Tim Cigelske

About Tim Cigelske

Marquette Social Media Director and esteemed Beer Runner, Tim Cigelske comes on the show to talk all things beer running and social media.

Topics Covered
  • How Tim got his break in “Beer Running”
  • What is a beer mile?
  • What social media analytics should you be paying attention to?
  • What social platforms should your business be utilizing ?
  • How to message to different demographics within the same brand
  • How Marquette is winning on SnapChat
  • Is Twitter dead?
  • Is live streaming the future of content?
  • Are Facebook Ads the best ROI for small businesses?

Tim Cigelske is Director of Social Media at Marquette University as well as an adjunct professor of media writing, social media analytics and an honors seminar on creativity. Tim is the author of the social media guide “Analytics to Action” and does social media consulting and instruction for entrepreneurs and businesses. In his spare time, he does freelance writing, including a weekly blog for DRAFT Magazine about beer and running. He drinks a lot of coffee.