The Story of GGMM

Curiosity-fueled creatives.

We do things a little differently around here, and we like it that way. Every project presents an opportunity to learn, so we stay constantly curious, forever fluid, and never fueled by ego. [We just want to make cool stuff and watch your business grow. It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.]

Our gears are always turning, and killer creative is at the core of everything we take on. Why? Because creativity kills stagnation. And stagnation sucks. So watch out, stagnation—creativity is comin’ through. Full steam ahead.

In the Media

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  • Journal Sentinel: Be bold, move quickly with digital marketing

  • Digital Experts

    Look, we can do it all—we’re just going where the eyeballs are. Your grandma’s right—everyone’s got their face in a phone these days. Any way you slice it, we’re in a digital-first world, and you’ve gotta meet people where they’re at.

    A full scope marketing force, we’ll handle anything that’s tossed our way. Seriously. We’re like a little imagination jet pack ready to blast your business into whatever’s next. So, strap in. You’ll be flying into the digital world with style.

    Our Services

    • Digital Advertising
    • Brand Identity + Messaging
    • Social Strategy
    • Video + Photography
    • Web Design + Development
    • Podcast Strategy + Production
    • Package Design
    • Graphic Design
    • User Experience Design

    The Crew

    Founder | CEO

    Richie Burke

    I've been lucky to work with so many awesome people and clients since starting GoGeddit. I'm passionate about helping clients find new ways to grow, and excited for the future of this company. Away from GGMM, I enjoy competitive golf, time with friends, and occasional Modusing.

    Developer & Designer

    Katy Martin

    My passions include pizza and killing plants. Sometimes I do things outside, but usually it’s either too cold or too hot – so I watch tv. I’m not lazy, I’m just “really interested in cinematography”. I like to build things that solve problems. Is that vague? I was told to say something relating to my job here.

    Senior Developer & Designer

    Tyler Hahn

    It's debatable whether the amount of time I spend creating things for the web and physical realms is healthy for my mental health. At least I live within 3.4 miles of a Culver's.

    Filmmaker & Photographer

    Taylor Chobanian

    As GGMM's resident filmmaker/photographer, I get to take our clients' customers on a journey through visual storytelling. When I'm not in the office or out on a shoot, chances are I still have a camera in-hand. However, I'm probably photographing a wedding—or my cats.

    Senior Account Planner

    Baily Kalscheur

    As an account planner, my role is to help our clients define, develop, and market their brand and work with our kick-ass (can I say that?!) creative team to bring those concepts to life. I'm also a big advocate of to-do lists, almost always over-caffeinated, and have a slight (read: major) obsession with French Bulldogs.

    Senior Account Planner

    Alex Moehn

    Hello…(sips coffee.) I create brand and marketing strategies to get your business to the next level. I’ve worked in the NBA and for Fortune 1000s helping innovate digital marketing. When I'm not leading a project, you can find me running, grammin’, and sipping coffee.

    Copywriter & Audio Engineer

    Gabe Wichser

    Yo! What’s up? I’m Gabe, GGMM’s wordsmith and audio geek. Around here, I’m always crankin’ out copy, producing podcasts, or bothering my teammates with weird noises and unbridled enthusiasm. Oh, after five? I’m submerged face-first in an Ableton project, sipping a homemade craft cocktail, or vibing out with my alpacas.

    Director of Operations

    Veronica Havard

    As Director of Operations, I’m here to make sure the ship sails smoothly and the crew is happy. When I’m not in the office you can find me drinking old fashions or jamming out at EDM concerts… Which I’m sure is surprising to everyone because I wear loafers Monday - Friday. Essentially my role here is “office mom.” But I’m a cool mom, not like those regular moms.